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luvit 01-19-2010 07:41 PM

single person cars, the list
contribute to the single person car list.
  • vintage cars are welcome if easily found on ebay, so check ebay.
  • no peddals, no 3-seaters. no motorcycles
  • 3-wheel scooters count. must drive 45mph minimum (72kph).
  • 2-seaters are ok, sometimes that's the only option for cargo space.
  • no prototypes. we want cars that are readily available.
  • $20K or less. we're building a list that's affordable for the common commuter. something equivalent to the cost of a normal car or for much less.
  • for the sake of this forum, add a pic, add a source link
these restrictions are being edited on the fly to ensure practical use.

luvit 01-19-2010 07:42 PM

running list:

Internal Combustion Engine (ICE)
ICE.. AutoMoto, 97kph/60mph....83mpg , 2,700 ./ $ 3,800... AutoMoto
ICE.. ScootCoupe, ......55mph....55mpg ............... $ 6,500... ScootCoupe

Electric Vehicle (EV)
EV.... Harvey Coachworks, 45mph... 40miles .......... $ 9,295... BugE
EV.... Harvey Coachworks, 45mph.. 120miles ......... $12,695... BugE XR
EV.... Harvey Coachworks, 65mph.. 100miles ......... $12,695... BugE XRT

luvit 01-19-2010 07:50 PM

2009 Lumeneo Smera


Cd 01-19-2010 08:13 PM

You can be like Golmember and ride one of these :

Welcome to Myers Motors : Transform Your Driving. Transform Your World

The irony is that Mike Myers ( a.k.a."Austin Powers" ) used a Myers Motors Corbin Sparrow in the movie.

RobertSmalls 01-19-2010 08:50 PM

1 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by luvit (Post 155360)
2-seaters[/COLOR] are ok, sometimes that's the only option for cargo space.

That line confuses me. Does this one qualify?

There are three windmills in the background, I swear! I'll get a better picture next time I'm in South Buffalo.

There's also this car:

Frank Lee 01-19-2010 09:08 PM

A list of single person cars with two-seaters. :confused:

And what is it with the word "pedal" and derivatives thereof? ect. ! :rolleyes:

OK, don't mind me, just had to vent that out, carry on.

Frank Lee 01-19-2010 09:23 PM

Add my Tempo to the list- all the seats were out except for the driver's.

I suppppose any word could be made bigger if you throw enough letttters at it. :rolleyes:

RobertSmalls 01-20-2010 09:43 AM


Originally Posted by luvit (Post 155375)
is that an insight?
i'm unhappy they make them look like normal cars now.

Yes, that's my daily driver, a 2000 Honda Insight. No, they don't make them anymore. And yeah, I guess it looks like a normal car when you park it next to the Goldmember. But park it next to a Civic, Malibu, or Durango, and the average man on the street thinks it looks odd.

If you want to come up with a list of "single-person cars", you need to define what a "single person" vehicle is. I say, it has seating for one, and was originally equipped to seat one. Not two. Otherwise the Chevrolet Corvette and half of Porsche's lineup qualifies, along with a hundred other boring cars.

Now you need to define "car". I say a car has more than two wheels, and a fully enclosed cabin. A car can also travel at highway speeds. Thus a golf cart with doors is not a car, nor is a neighborhood electric vehicle.

So, the Daihatsu Midget is the only "single-person car" that I'm aware of. The Peel P50 and Peel Trident would qualify if you shoehorned a modern two-cylinder into the engine bay.

SentraSE-R 01-20-2010 12:36 PM

Bunch of them here. Check out the Owosso Pulse.

jamesqf 01-20-2010 12:36 PM


Originally Posted by RobertSmalls (Post 155488)
I say a car has more than two wheels, and a fully enclosed cabin.

Well, that lets out my old Austin-Healey Sprite :-( And a bunch of other cars which, if they weren\'t strictly 1-person cars, were sure fun to drive.

Besides, a car has to have somewhere for the dog to sit, otherwise I might as well ride a motorcycle.

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