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Stormin' Norman 02-14-2008 12:52 AM

Small Ford Inline 6 distributor Eco mod
My Fairmont Squire's new engine is a reputably-rebuilt 1978 Farimont 200 CID engine, using a stock Ford Electronic Duraspark distributor and ignition module. I first learned about this low-cost change of distributor springs here:

And then found a good pictorial DIY procedure here:

and here (theory and application of ignition timing):

and where to buy the spring kit:

And my next trick? is an old proven one, for warm weather driving:
Water injection (rain water):

If I had an EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) powered stock Fairmont 2.3L V-4, I'd do this with News Print or saw dust and wood chips from our business:

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