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krizt 05-08-2011 10:36 AM

Some issues I need help with

I have connected my MPGuino to my new car and got two problems.

1. When car decelerates rapidly, MPGuino starts showing random speed numbers. For example when I drive 60 MPH and brake to 30 it displays anywhere from 30 to 80MPH. The numbers are jumping only when I decelerate.

Do you think it could be a broken VSS or did I somehow damage my MPGuino.

2. On the display, when I am changing the menus I can see characters from previous meny on the current one. For example on BIG MPG I can see zeros in top right corner wich are from Tank menu.

I have no clue what could solve this. Any help is much appreciated.

Best regards,


krizt 05-14-2011 12:54 PM

I have solved both issues and I am writing this for anyone who will have the same symptoms.

For the speed problem I have checked every cable, solder, connection and everything seemd O.K. I began to suspect that i damaged my chip so I ordered a new ATmega 328p and burned a new bootloader. SUCCESS!! The speed problem was gone but the lagging LCD remained. I found out later that lagging was caused by my modified source code, because when I loaded the original this problem was gone to.

I am happy to say my MPGUINO is up and running! Maybe I will post some pictures later.

Best regards,


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