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sallen 03-28-2010 07:33 AM

Some small aero tweaks - VW Golf Mk3 1.9 Turbo Diesel
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Hi there all, I am on a bit of a mission this weekend and have decided to do 2 aero tweaks that had been bugging me.

1.) Angled numberplate
Having seen this on the Audi Bioracer car, I decided to give an old rear shock bushing for a mountain bike the hacksaw treatment and attempt this myself. I'm hoping this will lower the stagnation point at the front / centre of the car by an inch or so (correct me it I am wrong)...

2) Tyre spats / deflectors
Initially I installed these so that the air was directed outward. Having looked at a few more recent cars and seeing the factory deflectors / spats parallel to the tyre or facing inwards, I have moved mine to face inwards and direct the air under the car. Again, any input on theory is welcome.

Before and after pictures of the above mods are attached.

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