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bgd73 01-01-2009 12:58 PM

spark plug wire refresher
I just purchased some "old school" solid core 7mm wires, low resistance...and forgot an entire subject.The carbon suppressor type wires fail miserably even on my little sube with a simple accel coil, or the factory coil.I mean , not even 5k miles at a time from brand new, and then they fail in the worst of weather (Wrong time again). Upon remembering, there is EMI, RFI and some wires do both, some do one, some do none.
A recent ice storm sent me over the edge on what to buy, sparks were everywhere on a drenched suby engine :confused:
and I grabbed some 3008 by accel. It is a carbed engine, with the subaru ignition. The accel wires claims no RFI suppression, but am assuming EMI suppression is built in, I do not know as wires can be legal without one of the two (I think emi is the law(?) RFI is the owners problem.?

I found info on the web, and of course, it is a page of rather confusing babble, and a lead to the end of info written, to the writers favorite brand. Avoiding spammage, I need some info. It has been a long time since this chore, need a backyarder to fill me in. bI do know there is a common non-oem setup, and I am only guessing from bad memory it was 7mm solid core, with the modern wrapping. is this correct, or should I return to sender?

CobraBall 01-02-2009 02:38 PM

Suggest Subaru Ignition Wire Set at Auto Parts Warehouse
The engineers that designed your engine really knew what they were doing. Spend the $20+. It beats guessing (wrong). :) :turtle:

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