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Varn 08-22-2010 08:56 PM

spending on fuel, my perspective.
I have been reading this list for about two weeks. I tend to disagree with some folks about the nature of energy. Guess I won't change them nor they me. I don't drive that much except to my farm. I haul a lot of stuff through deer country that most on this list don't understand. OK.

I wince at the nonsense that we are better off at burning imported oil rather than burning up a bit of the food crop. Foreign countries about own this country in good part because of imported oil and energy.

I have done some spreadsheets and agree that something could be done to reduce my dollar consumption. I burn about 2100 dollars worth of fuel annually in driving my vehicles. I get that 2075 from my crops so my net is about zero.

I recently bought a second tractor and won't be trailering my single tractor between the farms very often. The payoff is about 5-6 years down the road.

I would like to save some gas and am determined to make what I have more efficient. By not hauling every weekend I should save about a 1/3rd on fuel

I used to race bicycles about 12 times a year but that is not part of my plan in the foreseeable future. I spent thousands on going to events and won hundreds.

Weather Spotter 08-22-2010 10:02 PM

Looks like you are thinking this one through. As one who also lives in deer county I can understand you want for a bigger vehicle. The statistics might not be on your side (or mine) but I think that the cost/ benefit is one that we each need to make. Deer was a big factor in me getting a Matrix instead of an Aveo. I thought that the MPG difference was not bad, and the ability to haul more (which I do) was a +. Also if I hit one of the many deer that I have just missed, in my matrix I will be better protected, the Aveo would be totaled.

MPG for MPG sake is not the point, getting as good as you can with what you have is!

Some might debate the need for a van/ truck but it sounds to me like you thought this one out very well.

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