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powell.385 05-04-2009 01:52 PM MPGuino not getting past contrast page

I recently compeleted the construction of the v2 kit. When I plug it into my USB port the MPGuino gets stuck on the contrast page. Pressing the buttons gives no response. I updated the source code on the device to the latest version.

I thought that it might be a voltage issue from reading some other posts. I measered the open circuit voltage of my USB port and got 5V. On my board though I get 4.3 volts in the system. I made this measurement by measuring between pins 1 and 2 on the LCD. I also revieved the same reacing when measuring between the hot pin on the LCD and the groudning pin of the voltage regulator. Could my difficulty be a voltage problem? I might have a problem with my buttons, but I would like to rule out this problem before I go on down that path.

Thank You,

Doug Powell

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