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Xist 03-19-2013 05:10 PM

Spring break
I regularly wonder if I talk about studying more than I actually study. I have friends tell me that I am too stressed and I need to relax. To me, stress is inversely proportional to preparation.

I missed class on Friday the eighth to set up a tent in a field with rain, hail, and strong winds, and I did not return from drill until Sunday night. Pretty much all that I did before leaving for California on Tuesday was sleep. I studied flashcards in the park and tried to do schoolwork in the hotel room with what little time was left. We ended up coming home early for personal conflicts involving everyone but me, so I slept and studied, had a test yesterday, slept, and had another test today.

I guess that I did not do that well.

Well, if I did not use enough words, here are a thousand all at once!

Well, enough talking about studying for now... :D

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