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theunchosen 04-05-2009 03:12 PM

Stage 2 to Heat Pump conversion
Alright so my current apartment has a MASSIVE character flaw. It has electric heat only. It gets expensive really fast during the winter, so I home-mods like strips over all the windows to seal cracks and some very thin strips of foam at the bottom, top and sides of my doors.

I have a spare mini-fridge and I was considering turning it into a mini-heat pump. No questions asked on the blisteringly cold days the E-heat would click on, but hopefully I would be able to cut down on that as much as possible.

The idea would be just to run the cooling lines that go in the fridge instead out one of my windows and let it run essentially non-stop. Obviously I would need to add a small fan to heat the cooling lines to avoid freezing them over, because the mini-fridge counts on temperature diffusion to maintain an even temperature.

Since its a mini I am not expecting any miracles(coefficients of performance much higher than 3) but still if it cuts my heating bill in half(B of 2 or more) I would be happy.

Ideas opinions?

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