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Sebastian 10-16-2009 05:49 PM

Strange behavior when editing parms[]
I want to delete some unused parameters in parms[] array. I edited the parmLabels[] and #define Name number also, of course. But when the code is uploaded, it doesn't work like expected: Display is very bright and its very hard to read something. Also middle button don't change anything.

I searched the code up and down, but found no error. Any hints?

.) The number of elements in the array is defined with sizeof -> should work
.) #define contrastIdx 0 etc is OK
.) Labels also changed.
.) What I forgot to do?

Edit: I can't find the delete button.. (feel free to delete)
Found it: Of course it loads the old, bigger array on startup. Disable load in setup, run into setup menue and save. Now it works fine again :rolleyes:

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