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The Other Andy 02-03-2012 09:30 PM

Taurus driving newbie
Hey everyone! I joined up to find some tips and *light* modifications for my daily driver, a 2004 Ford Taurus.

My tanks have been in the low 20's (last tank 23, best high 27), and since I have a 25 minute freeway commute (albeit a rather hilly one) I started thinking about all the extra money I could save.

Luckily, 2004 was the first year the Taurus had a built in trip computer with average mpg readout (which, oddly, reads something like 5mpg low. I've confirmed this with fillups and other Taurus owners. I wonder what engineer had the bright idea to put in a fuel economy guage that reads low) so that helps.

So far I've done a few mods:
-took out the spare tire and replaced it with a small tire slime/compressor combo. Probably about 10lbs less
-blocked the upper grill
-took off hood bra
-adjusted the nut behind the wheel

Lately I've been seeing (going off the avg readout +5, reset each trip) very high 20's to the very low 30's. I've yet to refill since I started my hypermiling.

Possible modifications:
-block two portions of the lower grill.
-inflate tires to max (currently at 38psi, I've done higher but the ride does get rather rough)
-Remove passenger mirror (likely not. I don't use it, but I'd be more comfortable with it on if my gf is driving it)
-Radio antenna delete (do the stubby antennas create less drag? They are a bit wider)
-rear spoiler delete (3rd brake light is built in and I consider it necessary, so it will take some time to gather the parts to do this correctly. I wonder how much drag it actually creates on this car)
-front air dam (next time I have some garden wall, and garage space)
-hood insulation removal (little effect, but i have to get at a broken washer fluid hose above it anyway)

Suggestions? Comments? I might run without a carpet or insulation for a bit too, but thats actually due to a water leak causing mold.

Frank Lee 02-03-2012 09:32 PM

The 65 mods and 100 tips at the top of the page are the best places to start.

I'd leave the hood insulation on- it does nothing but good things. Why do you want it gone? :confused:

The Other Andy 02-03-2012 10:39 PM

Yep, already read through them. They've been helpful.

As I mentioned I have to fix a broken washer hose, so I need to take it off anyway. I'll probably end up breaking the little clips in the process. I figured it's just weight (a very small amount perhaps), why put it back afterwards. What function does it serve aside from reducing noise? Does it really help the engine warm up any quicker?

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