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botsapper 01-07-2021 12:25 AM

Tesla Full Self-Driving beta LA to Silicon Valley
A Tesla Model 3 with (FSD) Full Self-Driving beta has completed a daytime/nighttime drive from Los Angeles to Silicon Valley without human interventions, except for human assistance at a Supercharger stop. This documented test was not officially made by Tesla, but was carried out by the owner of a Model 3. Whole Mars Catalog taped the time-lapse 5-hour drive on Full Self-Driving beta and Autopilot using Navigate app for the mostly freeway driving. Over the course of the trip, the FSD beta was observed to have committed some minor errors, but none which warranted an intervention from the safety driver. Tesla’s constant stream of over-the-air updates refines the Tesla FSD beta, as well as the massive amount of real-world driving data gathered by the whole Tesla fleet on the system. Full-price FSD estimated to be $10,000, so Tesla will have monthly-subscription service option. Full release to be available at end of 2021.

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