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IamIan 01-21-2015 08:41 PM

Tesla Model S in Junk Yard

Originally Posted by dirtydave
How can we lock this thread and start a new one with good info?

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Lock was done by someone else with the authority to do that.

I'll compile here the only relevant (according to me) pieces of data.

Please stay on topic , and be civil.

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As OEM BEVs begin to reach junk yards their will be some opportunities for DIYers willing to put in significant amount of work , with virtually no OEM warranty coverage , or support ... so risk is high... sometimes there is a 'diamond' to be found ... but be careful and think it through before you put any money down ... to each their own.

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D & M Used Auto Parts
1676 Shuswap Avenue
Lumby, BC V0E2G0
P: 250-547-2310
F: 250-547-2301

Junk Yard claims the car had "about 10,000 miles on it".


CarFax Pdf Link

They have quoted a 120 day warranty... if you do go for any of it .. be sure you clearly understand what is and is not covered by their warranty .. or consider it an 'As Is' purchase... this was a 'totaled car' , whatever the damage was, was unlikely to be minor to total a $60,000+ car.

They have already sold the battery.

All purchases are on the customer to either pickup ... or pay for shipping + taxes + etc ... They will organize that shipment for you, but you're paying for it.

They have the 'electric drive' for sale for $15,000... and other parts as well.

Bellow are the pictures they sent for that 'electric drive'. Because I said I would. I also thought someone else might like to see them, even if they don't plan to buy anything.


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I personally recommend caution ... paying good money for stuff you will get zero OEM support on how to make it work .. and only a limited 120 day warranty ... those are some serious cons to consider... people can get lucky .. but I (and I think several others) recommend caution , before risking it.

dirtydave 01-22-2015 07:53 AM

Thank you sir!

Xist 01-24-2015 05:44 AM

If Neil bought up those parts to put into his project, what are the chances that he would have it up and running before the warranty expired? These parts might be useful for replacement parts, but the car would be under warranty...

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