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aerohead 04-08-2020 02:11 PM

Texas' largest solar photovoltaic farm
Had some slaughtered beef brisket BBQ Saturday in Kermit, Texas.Drove there in a plug-in hybrid.I'd asked the restaurant owner David if he'd heard of the Lapetus Solar PV farm,in Andrews County,Texas.He said that he had,then mentioned an even larger,Texas' largest farm, going in near Midland,in the Permian Basin,Texas' largest onshore oil producing region.
I just looked it up.It's called the Roadrunner solar project,Upton County,Texas,497-MW/h,expected to generate an estimated 1.2 TW/h annually,with a 42-MW/h battery installed at the facility.I never hear about things like this from commercial media.Only by accident,through the grapevine.
Aliens also landed on the White House Saturday,but didn't make the news.

redneck 04-08-2020 04:40 PM


Here you go since you’re incapable of providing links. :rolleyes:


aerohead 10-28-2020 01:23 PM

local electric COOP doubles solar
The latest news magazine from our electric provider published that they doubled their solar capacity last year, and by year's end, additional capacity will come online.
Between solar and wind, we're now at around 19% renewable. Texas leads the nation in wind production.
Our main supplier hasn't built a fossil-fuel power plant since 2013.
Without any subsidies, solar and wind are now the cheapest cost electricity available, over the life of the infrastructure. Coal is now down to 20% of supply, versus 40% a decade ago.
No impetus from Washington. D.C.. Just Adam Smith's 'invisible hand of capitalism.'

freebeard 10-28-2020 02:22 PM


No impetus from Washington. D.C.. Just Adam Smith's 'invisible hand of capitalism.'
As it should be. Just go with the flow.

I find it very relaxing to watch the drone overflights (at 2X) of the Austin Gigafactory. Here's an example from a few hours ago. It starts with a retrospective:

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