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Stacygifford 12-09-2012 02:18 AM

Texas Tech Storm Chaser (in 1994 Honda Civic DX coupe)
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Hello! this is my first post on ecomodder.
First, I will give you my background. I am currently a student at Texas Tech University and I am studying geophysics. My life's passion is weather. I have been actively storm chasing for the last 5 years. But unlike a lot of college students I have to pay for my own gas lol. So, after a few years of chasing it in a 5.4l F 150, then a Land Rover I decided (after my Land Rover was totaled by hail , ironically while not on a storm chase) it would be in my best interest 2 purchase a car that used much less fuel!

Last summer I purchased a pitiful 1994 Honda Civic DX coupe. Initially my fuel mileage was between 31 and 34 miles per gallon, just under EPA.
Now, my current tank record is 43.8 miles per gallon all but 100 miles was in town as well!

Below I will attach a few pictures of my car explaining the modifications I have done, and the ones that are in the works.

Stacygifford 12-09-2012 02:41 AM

The first picture is the car after I painted it. (the red wheels were on it when I bought it)
The second is my current plexiglass grill block (I plan on adding a hole ~1 3/4"x 8" in it, it overheats when in town driving if over 70-75 degrees)

I had the red aluminum wheels covered with steel pizza pans from walmart as an arrow Hub cap but now that i am running the steel 14" wheels i have to come up with another way to mount them. (I am running the steel wheels because i needed tires, and the 14's already had brand new good year's on them.)

Right now, I feel kind of stuck. I want to retain daily, "normal" drivability and squeeze ever bit of mileage out of it as potable. Before feb, 2013 I will have, mounted the hub caps on the front wheels, installed a type r lower air deflector, rear fender skirts, msd a6 ignition with 8mm wires (already have), and make a lower air dam,and side skirts out of a 3" rubber lip (taken from the back edge of a cab from an 18 wheeler) I'm using rubber so that it will not hurt anything if it drags on occasion.

I am looking for any advice at this point.

below is are a few pictures of my front tire spats with the new wheels and rear air tire deflector.

MetroMPG 12-10-2012 01:23 AM


Originally Posted by Stacygifford (Post 344442)
Right now, I feel kind of stuck. I want to retain daily, "normal" drivability and squeeze ever bit of mileage out of it

If you've looked at some of the other intro threads, you can probably guess what my first bit of advice would be: get fuel economy instrumentation. Don't underestimate the utility of instant feedback for helping you adjust your driving techniques (where the biggest & easiest gains are to be had).

Since you're pre-OBD-II, you won't be able to use a ScanGauge or equivalent. You'll need a MPGuino.

And... welcome to the forum!

Oh - manual or automatic transmission? And safe to assume that the majority of your driving is highway speed (due to the "chasing")?

Stacygifford 12-10-2012 11:47 AM

5 speed, all day! I dont feel "in tune" with a car that is an auto.
The type of driving depends on the time of year, now it is almost all in town. By the time summer roles around I will have probably put 30K miles more on it from chasing (95% highway). I am comfortable with electronics, but I don't really trust the online prebuilt units, and don't know how to calibrate them.
EVERY car I have ever owned the cruse control has stopped working on, so I am considering installing a throttle lock. It SHOULD be better for fuel mileage on the highway and wont make my leg go numb on a 18 hour haul...

Also not to spam the bored, but feel free to like Texas Storm Raiders on facbook!

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