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hat_man 01-25-2016 01:21 PM

Are there any good 14" tires left?
Last year I changed from 14" tires to 15" ones. I obviously had to change rims too. The wheel and tire combo I ended up with worked well in the winter (it's an A/T tire), is fairly quiet, looks nice, but is much heavier than my old 14" ones were. Since I changed I have seen a drop in MPG. It was expected with the heavier rotational mass. Harder to accelerate from a dead stop and my "seat of the pants" coast distances are shorter. The reason for the switch was that I couldn't find any 14" tires that weren't trailer tires or had VERY low Tire Rack ratings. I am thinking now that if I can find some good reliable 14" tires I'll use them for everything except winter driving. I still have the stock alloy rims that are lighter than the ones I have now. Tire Rack doesn't have much of a selection. The 14's were 225/70R/14

So......Are there any good 14" tires still out there?

MetroMPG 01-25-2016 02:26 PM

You have to define "good". :)

Since this is EcoModder, I'll assume low rolling resistance is your main priority.

Mitsubishi fits 165/65 14 inch LRR tires on the Mirage (Dunlop Enasaves). The Bridgestone Potenza LRR RE92 that were OEM on the 1st generation Honda Insight are still available. Same size as the Mirage's.

The RE92's significantly out-rolled any of the tires in my fleet at the time. I haven't seen a direct comparison against the Enasaves yet, but I would love to.

You're unlikely to stick those on a Ranger though, for size reasons.

14's are definitely getting rare in North America.

Hersbird 01-25-2016 03:56 PM

Our mail trucks use LT195/75-14 Goodyear Wrangler LTs which are not LRR but are a good, tough 14" truck tire and at least you can air them way up whigh may help rolling resistance some.

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