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aicam62 01-27-2008 09:13 PM

Is There Anything We can ALL AGREE Upon? (Invitation to sign ZEV petition)
I would like to generate a rally/tailgate. The rally is specifically to motivate the return of the ZEV/electric vehicle, but it is generally, to further the fight against, pollution, global warming, dependency on foreign oil, soil destruction etc.

I find that when I begin to post about this rally I get: "you shouldn't talk about that, because this is more important." Well, in my mind they are all related. There are problems as we try to move to alternative fuels, but those problems are less of a strain to our planet than not moving. Solving those problems I believe is the economy of the future. So if we can agree that showing our unity is a good thing, a motivating, then please join me/us in "becoming a ZERO"

SIGN THIS PETITION and follow upon it's instructions.

JOIN THIS GROUP to brainstorm and share


"We need to find the leadership in this country," said Mayor Rocky Anderson of Salt Lake City. "If it's not going to come from the top down ... we need to push from the bottom up."

Let all the earth rejoice for a congregation of different tastes, but all of us working towards alternative fuels.

Arragonis 11-11-2011 12:34 PM

Aicam, You haven't read many Lounge threads have you ;)

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