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electrique 03-28-2010 03:20 AM

tires for commutacar?
Does anyone know if the original tires are still manufactured for the Commutacar?
Mine is a 1980 model on original wheels.

Ryland 03-28-2010 07:11 PM

Stock tires were either 135R13's, 135/80R13's or 145/80R13's if I remember correctly, any wider and you rub on the frame, even with the narrow tires you rub on the frame if you have still have 30 year old springs.
When I bought new tires I bought them from a Zen dealer of Neighbor Hood Electric Vehicles and they sold me some that were labeled as low rolling resistance.
The invoice for mine listed it as having the winter package, so it had snow tires that were still on it when I bought it, size 135/80R13, I wanted to keep them for winter use on my Citi-car that is going to be my EV winter car, so I kept them on the rims and bought a set of new 4" on center 4 lug trailer rims from Northern Tool, 100mm 4 lug wheels will not fit! I then bought some 145/70R13 tires and they are so smooth, quite and I gained a few mph in speed.

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