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Snowman9000 11-02-2018 08:28 PM

Toyota Highlander Stop Start
We bought a new Highlander V6, with stop-start. I have started to wonder what the fuel breakeven time in seconds is for it. I just read the idling thread here, suggesting 6 or 7 seconds.

From what I have read, they are using extra special starters, designed to be more efficient as well as to endure many more cycles.

So maybe the breakeven point is 4 seconds. I wish I knew. And let's not forget, the car keeps powering the ventilation, radio, etc. during the stop.

It is somewhat easy to control whether or not the engine stops. Push the brake pedal down light to moderately, and it won't shut off. Push it farther down, and it will. It can only be deactivated (by a button) until the next true startup.

I guess the feature is a good thing. I do get some satisfaction out of it at a stoplight. I find myself hoping it's a long red light, to make it pay. LOL!

redpoint5 11-02-2018 08:35 PM

Sounds like you've already studied up on this, so your guess is as good as anyone's.

The cars I drive that don't shut down at a stop annoy me. Seems ancient to me now, like keeping a fire going 24/7 because you don't possess the technology to start another one if it dies.

ThermionicScott 11-02-2018 08:48 PM

It's a manual process with my old Subaru. If I time it wrong and need to start up my car again after 3 seconds, I just shrug and move on.

oil pan 4 11-02-2018 09:05 PM

When I was a time duty air force at Langley they had some stupid rules and a very poorly setup aircraft parking area.
Long story short, the standard cars and trucks plus all the specialty motorized machines had to be stopped and started 30 to 50 times per day.
My job, because it covered such a wide area and every single aircraft had me starting my vehicle 70 to 100 times per day.

I thought wow they must change starters on these vehicles every week.
Nope they lasted around 3/4 the time you would normally get.
The only vehicle that ever had any issue was when motor pool replaced the heave duty starter on a dodge diesel with a standard one, those burned out quick.
Otherwise all they ever used for replacement starters was factory originals.
No cheap auto zone junk.

Daox 11-02-2018 09:15 PM


Originally Posted by redpoint5 (Post 582917)
The cars I drive that don't shut down... Seems ancient to me now...

This is what I say to people who think its so weird my car engine stops. :thumbup:

redpoint5 11-02-2018 09:31 PM

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