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Xist 05-22-2014 06:27 AM

Trying to fix driver's door lock, 00 Civic
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After I bought my HX, it became increasingly difficult to lock and unlock the door. One morning I went out to my car and the lock had moved away from the keyhole! I needed to unlock my car through the passenger's side!

Having finished school, I finally took apart my door, and thought that it was missing a retaining clip, so I ordered a new one, but there did not seem to be anything wrong with the one that I had. I keep watching this and other videos:

How To Install Replace Outside Door Handle 1996-2000 Honda Civic - YouTube

and looking at this diagram:

I just do not know what the problem is. The lock is supposed to be completely secured, but when I assemble everything, it pops right out!

user removed 05-22-2014 07:42 AM

I think #13 holds the lock cylinder and the bracket #15 to the outside door handle assembly. From the video, he removed the clip just before he could separate the bracket from the outside handle portion. Looks like the lock cylinder slides into the bracket (15) and is held in place by the clip (13). Maybe your clip fell out and is in the bottom of the door. Try assembling them outside of the car and look carefully for the clip location, it looks like it slides in the side outside handle opening where the lock cylinder fits and locks them together.

Everyone should lubricate the lock cylinders on their cars, doors, trunk, and ignition.
that preventative maintenance saves a lot of heart ache with lock cylinders. Be careful on the ignition. I just put some oil or WD40 on the key to avoid flooding the electrical portion ofthe ignition switch, the rest I just shoot some WD into the cylinder itself.

The Ranger was so bad when I got it you couldn't lock or unlock either door.

user removed 05-22-2014 09:30 AM

At 3.30 on the video he prys out the clip. He cant separate the outside handle from the inside bracket, even with the bolts removed, until he removes the clip. Try assembling it outside the door to better see where it fits. I think it goes in from the back with the ends of the clip pointing to the front of the car.


Xist 05-22-2014 12:59 PM

Hey Old Mechanic! Thanks for looking at this!

By George, I think I've got it!

I ordered a new clip, thinking "All of this work over a two-dollar part!"

The clip was still there and I took everything inside last night, trying to puzzle it out when we had a bit of an emergency last night. Everything is fine now, but that was an unavoidable distraction. When I put the pieces together, they were steadfast and immovable, until I tried assembling them in my car, then the lock cylinder kept falling out!


Removing the clip and inserting it last seems to work! I can lock my door [normally] for the first time in months!

Thanks so much! Have a great day! :)

Xist 05-30-2014 02:03 PM

My lock is sliding back out again! I do not want to do this every week!

Vman455 05-30-2014 08:44 PM

If it doesn't move, and it should: WD40.
If it moves, and it shouldn't: duct tape.

Xist 05-30-2014 11:44 PM


Originally Posted by Vman455 (Post 427283)
If it doesn't move, and it should: WD40.
If it moves, and it shouldn't: duct tape.

If it moves, salute it! If it doesn't, shine it!

Honestly, I feel like using JB Weld!

hopelitten 07-30-2014 06:30 PM

i agree, duct tape

sarguy01 07-30-2014 09:03 PM

Junkyard. New lock and handle. $10.

My sister in law's car's door locked shut. She had to climb in and out of the passenger seat. I guess it is common in 5th gen Civics. I had to pull the plastic off the door with the door shut. What a pain. Then, I had to hit this stupid little pin to open the door. Once that was done, 3 hours later, I put in the junkyard handle and her car is good again for a while.

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