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4drviper 03-15-2020 02:41 PM

Is Ultragauge site functional? (Can I buy on it?)
I was leaning toward Ultragauge for the ability to "estimate" trans temp for my Honda and cheaper than SG.

But the site seems fishy and hasn't been updated in a while.

Anyone made a purchase in 2020?

RedDevil 03-15-2020 03:42 PM

There are lots of other OBDII readers nowadays that can do the same or more for less, just search Amazon for Ultragauge and see what other tools come up.

My Ultragauge is getting dimmer and may well lose its place in my car soon.

redpoint5 03-15-2020 05:35 PM

Yeah, the screen on my UG is nearly unusable.

At this point I wouldn't purchase a dedicated meter but instead go with the Torque app. It's useful in EVs too, which is what I'll probably be driving a couple years from now.

4drviper 03-15-2020 06:50 PM

Hmm okay I'll search for more but if I can't find one that is guaranteed to show trans temp then I might just stick with Garmin Ecoroute HD from 2011 which still works fine ..

OR ... get myself a Ktuner and open a whole new case of .. fun? hahaha I would be so tempted if I could adjust the shift table but apparently Ktuner can't. Talking about modifying this.
why can't i post img

Ecky 03-15-2020 08:18 PM

In your Accord, is the trans computer a separate module? I know that was the case for most older Hondas. It probably made it easier to just make one ECU, or to have smaller variations in the ECU.

4drviper 07-06-2020 01:57 PM

I swear I saw component location index in the service manual that helped me locate the ECU behind driver's headlight but I cannot find it right now.

mpg_numbers_guy 07-06-2020 02:29 PM

Torque app is great for everything except MPG calculation. If you don't have lean burn the instantaneous mpg can be made somewhat accurate by entering your engine size somewhere between 2 and 3 times the actual engine size, but the long term average will never be accurate. Other than that it's quite a handy tool, accurate, and quite cheap for monitoring engine parameters.

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