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Who 02-29-2008 12:22 AM

Units of Measure
I'd love it if 2 units of measure came to the forefront.

MPS meters per second

25 MPS = 90 KPH = 56 MPH

It always seemed strange to measure velocity over the course of an hour. To me miles per hour should indicate some kind of average rather than being expressed as the current rate. On some level, a police car should have to follow you for an hour... :rolleyes:

WPM watts per meter

How many watts does it take to go each meter? Which would be the same as kilowatts per kilometer. This would allow different forms of transportation to be more easily comparable.

If I use 180 watts to go 35 KPH on my bike, it's 0.005 WPM or KWpKM. Not sure of the litres/gallons to watts factor to compare it to driving but you get the idea and it allows the electric to all get factored in (well maybe not keeping your car in a heated garage so that the bearings actually want to turn on mornings like today <g>).

I think that 5 LHK would be about 0.44 WPM and 11 LHK would be around 1 WPM.

Peter7307 02-29-2008 09:15 PM

Just on the second one I have always though some measure including energy , weight and distance should make more sense.
My suggestion is to have a rating showing the energy in Killowatts needed to shift one kilogramme a distance of one kilometer.

Although this rating is not perfect it helps consumers to compare diesels to petrol cars and it can also help determine which is the more efficient mode of travel.

Cheers , Pete.

johnpr 03-05-2008 03:48 PM

verry interesting write up... definitely causes the reader to think about some stuff. the mph /kph has never bothered me though because i travel long distances so i am on the road for hours at a time.. although that is why i like average speed gauges.. i saw the title and was thinking it might be someone (like me) complaining about the us standard of measurement... but thats a rant for another thread.

i agree that there should be a measurement standard for energy/distance... definitely a good thought

tasdrouille 03-05-2008 04:19 PM

The reason we're working in xPH may be that the distance you can cover in an hour is more relevant than the distance you can cover in one second.

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