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IsaacCarlson 03-06-2014 09:04 PM

Vacuum level back to normal
I have been working on the truck today. I removed some more of the old smog equipment that has been hanging out under the hood. I also checked for vacuum leaks and removed some old tubing. I pulled an injector out and the filter was a rusty color. I ran some air through it and it seemed to let a good amount through. I could not get to the rest because of the intake plenum.

I did a compression test and all cylinders were at roughly 110 psi on the first compression stroke and topped out around 150-170. I was expecting a lot lower numbers, so these made my day.

I did a vacuum check and it is back up to 20 inches at idle and holds steady until the engine misses, then it drops a touch. I still think it is a dirty injector causing the misses. I can't find any more leaks. I replaced the plugs, cap, and rotor. It runs better and smells better. The old plugs were black, so it was running rich, which I already knew. All of the plugs looked the same, which is an improvement over the last plug change.

I am going to steam clean the top end since the intake and cylinders are dirty. I plugged the idle control back in and it does not try to run sky high now that the vacuum leaks are fixed.

I still need to see how the values of the temp sensors compare to new ones.

So far so good.

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