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War_Wagon 07-28-2013 02:22 AM

Various Eco-Rides for Sale
Summer time is stupidly busy for me, and it makes me realize that I will never, ever, get around to fixing up all my little projects! But hey, at least I saved them from the crusher or from getting riced out ha ha. So if you have a home for one of these, let me know. And I don't mean to sound like a jerk, but I know enough about the costs involved with shipping/transporting cars to say that none of these are worth looking at unless you are an hour or two drive away from Vancouver BC. How's that for a sales pitch, eh? ha ha.

1990 Civic CX - the one listed as one of my inventory in the garage as "Spunky". Great little car, no stereo, 292k kms (181k miles) little rust, original paint, noisy input shaft bearing but who cares? I'd drive this car to New York tomorrow and wouldn't think twice, I just parked it when I put the Tracker back on the road. Needs the wheels rebalanced as one is out of wack and when you hit 60 mph it shakes a bit. $800.

1991 Tercel DX - Also in the garage as "Salty". 226k KMs (140k miles), needs the front rotors machined, needs valve guide seals like very other Tercel out there, and leaks oil out of the crank seal. Clean body, original paint, decent interior. I love my old Hondas, but having driven this car, I can say that if you have a lot of highway commuting to do, these Tercels have a great gearing setup to allow you to get around at highway speeds safely without breaking a sweat! Plus the seats are super comfy! $500.

I have other stuff, but these are the best ones to start with if you need something cheap on gas to get rolling with the least amount of fuss. $1.44 a liter for 87 octane today, I actually managed to burn up $20 worth of fuel in one day of driving in my suburb/town on Thursday - in a Tracker! I didn't even go anywhere, that was just a lot of running around! :snail:

MetroMPG 07-28-2013 10:28 AM

You would be like my pusher if I lived in Vancouver full time.

All those cheap, efficient little cars you have access to ... feeding my habit! :D

It's a shame so many lo/no-rust examples end up scrapped for lack of interest. Surely not everyone out there is rich, are they?

War_Wagon 07-28-2013 01:46 PM

"Hey, hey MetroMPG, you want some CX, or some DX? Ya ya I got it, got some nice Prius too. The good stuff straight from Japan, none of that local stuff. Have a test drive on the house, but when you want more, you come back and see me!" :D

And not everyone out here is rich. But the people that aren't don't end up at the dealer auction looking for cars to drive personally. And as you are finding out MetroMPG, and anyone else that has tried to sell a eco car, most people don't want to spend money to save money. They are a tough sell, and you never get much for them, not around here anyway. So from a business point of view, no car dealer in his right mind is going to buy a $500, 24 year old Civic to take up space on his lot to try and get $1000 for it. He'll buy a 10 year old SUV for $3500 and put it on his lot for $6500 and it will sell in a day. The cars we like end up getting scrapped, or in my "collection" sadly. :snail:

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