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Ecky 06-20-2020 07:36 AM

Vermont - my 2nd Insight for sale
Basic details : 280k miles, 5MT, no hybrid system, RE92 tires with some life left, A/C may need a recharge but the system is intact

Posting up my second Insight here. I acquired it when a friend had it towed to my house in February, not running, and I paid him the cost of the tow plus a little extra. Turned out to be corroded engine bay grounds. After cleaning them up, it runs well.

This car has the entire IMA system removed, and a Mean Well power supply put in its place. It also has an Arduino connected to the harness where the IMA system used to plug in, to fool the ECU into thinking the IMA is still there, so there are no dashboard Christmas tree lights.

The previous owner gutted the rear. It's also from the salt belt, though all of the brake and clutch lines currently look reasonable. This is not a super clean car. It also hasn't been my car, and I haven't driven it extensively, but if I get any interest in a sale I can put some time into it.

I've started replacing hardware under the hood with stainless wherever there is rust. I had (or have) aspirations for this car, to make it pretty nice (for what it is anyway) but I simply don't have the time, what with also completely rebuilding the outside of my house.

After registering it (required to take ownership here) and getting plates, and fixing some small things (e.g. new hatch struts) I have a little over $500 into it. For a member of Ecomodder I would be asking break-even.

I have spare parts I can send with it, though it appears (from the little driving I've done) to "need" nothing right now. E.g. a spare transmission, some body pieces, various engine bay parts, extra wheel spats, some mounted snow tires.

Anyone need a super cheap 70mpg+ beater? For a little extra compensation I'm also willing to continue making it nicer - interior and exterior detailing, rebuilt rear deck, defog the headlights, etc. etc. but frankly this is not the best use of my time right now.

For comparison, here's the rebuilt rear deck in my main Insight, and roughly what I have in mind for the one I'm selling:

California98Civic 06-20-2020 11:43 AM

Looks really good. I'd buy it if I were within 3000 miles and lived in a state that would be cool about the Madewell. Somebody buy this specimen of the legend.

Gasoline Fumes 06-20-2020 02:03 PM

I don't need a third silver Insight. I don't need a third silver Insight. I don't need a third silver Insight. I don't need a third silver Insight. I don't need a third silver Insight. I don't need a third silver Insight. Somebody else buy it! :D

cowmeat 06-21-2020 05:23 AM

Ah I remember the days when . . . . wait, there's still one of them sitting in my back yard!

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