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MetroMPG 05-04-2009 09:59 AM

Video: LED battery pack monitor / bargraph
Dave, who converted a Delorean to electric, made & installed the same kind of LED battery monitor in his car that Ivan & I put in the ForkenSwift:

The monitor is described here (parts list, DIY instructions):
EV Weblog: LED Bargraph battery monitor part 2

Here's Dave's vid

YouTube - LED Bargraph

The Delorean's is a somewhat cleaner installation than the ForkenSwift's :D

YouTube - #6) Project ForkenSwift electric car: LED battery gauge

Unless you have a BMS with a current limiter or some kind of alarm (to alert you about a failing battery/module), I think a gauge like this is a must. Otherwise, you WILL murder batteries as they age, pretty much guaranteed.

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