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bennelson 09-11-2009 11:09 AM

(VIDEO) Madison EV Meet Sept 10 2009

Last night, a few of us local EVer's got together in Madison, Wisconsin.

The main reason was that Jerry Asher was coming through town. Jerry is a board member of the Electric Automobile Association, a proud supporter of all EV's, and a great guy. He has toured the country in his Plug-In Prius, THE SPIRIT OF DC, and is involved in other EVents, such as the recent POWER OF DC electric drag racing event.

Besides the guys in attendance, there was also one Lectric Leopard in the back parking lot. One of the guys has been hard at work on a high-end, homebuilt motor controller.

This video is from right after he did a "firmware update" on the controller - reprogramming it into "fun-mode".

In all, a last-minute, informal, very fun event!
Jerry Asher poses in the Leopard.
Chris (gray shirt, screen right) built the controller the car is running on.
Motor Controller. Note that it is designed for liquid cooling, but that wasn't hooked up yet. We were monitoring for heat and anything else on the fly with a laptop.
Thomas (the car owner) and Tan poke at the car.

More photos on Flicker

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