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NachtRitter 04-23-2009 02:05 AM

Wall Street Journal column "Power Shift" covers Hypermiling
Saw this column in the Wall Street Journal & thought it was particularly relevant given the recent discussions on this forum.

See Eco-Drivers Save Gas, Drive Slow -

Some portions that jumped out:

The challenge will be to get Americans, who love the open throttle as much as the open road, to ease up instead of variously slamming on the gas and the brakes. In the meantime, as early eco-drivers lower their own emissions, they are certain to raise some hot air from the impatient drivers around them.

"I've been honked at. I've been flipped off. I've been yelled at: 'Grandma!'" says Ms. Dresser, a former back-country firefighter. "I just laugh."

"If you own a Prius and you drive it like a Corvette, you're not going to get the results they talk about," says Drew DeGrassi, president of Pro Formance Group Inc., a Phoenix-based company that teaches eco-driving.
Interesting concept - getting paid to teach others how to hypermile... :thumbup:

SVOboy 04-23-2009 02:12 AM

I've been lucky enough to meet Drew from Pro Formance a few times and he really is a good guy and a great teacher. Though the EcoDrivingUSA initiative is limited in what they can teach in terms of time and liability, I think they do a good job with it.

Plus, they know about EcoModder, :)

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