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DifferentPointofView 12-29-2007 12:27 PM

Water into Gas? WTF?
I don't know if this is a scam, or if this is real, but I thought it would bring up a nice discussion :thumbup:


It's something about changing water, H20, into HH0, or, Hydrogen Fuel, and running it with gasoline. Seems too good to be true, but if you could make your own for cheap and see what happens, hey? Maybe this could help us with raging gas prices.

metroschultz 12-29-2007 12:36 PM

I've seen that one before, only i forgot the name of the site. Some guy out west did a complete R&D of the water /carburetor kit. he eventually ruined his engine and was incredibly angry with the results. He maybe should have looked here first.S.

DifferentPointofView 12-29-2007 12:41 PM


You can assemble this Hydrogen-On-Demand system from simple hardware in one weekend. We have specifically designed it with YOU in mind - for easy assembly at home using a few basic tools - and its major parts are:

1. Electrolyzer (some call it "Hydrogen Generator"): Our unique design has SPIRAL electrodes rather than plates, thus producing MORE HHO - for LESS energy from the battery. Contained in a quart-size highly durable jar. Looks fragile but it's not! We've never seen any of these jars break or crack, in thousands of miles of day-to-day road tests and I'm still using the same jar from 2006.

2. MAP Sensor Enhancer: this electronic device reduces fuel consumption without modifying the engine or the computer – an absolute must have for great fuel economy!
3. Vaporizer: ads water vapor to the engine to cool it down, improves combustion and fuel economy. Also serves as part of the "charged water system" that you will learn about. Good for almost any vehicle, generator or even a lawn mower!

4. Fuel Heater: pre-heats your gasoline for better gas economy, using only energy from the radiator that gets wasted otherwise. Absolutely NO modifications done to the radiator or its hoses!

5. PCV Enhancer: another great companion to your hydrogen system that improves the PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) function, protects your engine and saves gas.

6. Fuse holder + wiring. Connect to the 12 volts.

7. Vacuum T-connector: helps you splice the vacuum line for feeding the hydrogen and oxygen into the engine.

8. Two vacuum hoses, 3.5 feet each. One connects to the intake manifold, the other to the air filter.

9. Mechanical installation hardware: Bungee cords, 8" cable straps (for Electrolyzer), 11" cable straps (for Fuel Heater), flex tubing (to protect the wiring harness), and 1/4" vinyl tubing.

10. Catalyst: household Baking Soda - totally safe catalyst! Catalyst is the substance that helps the electricity separate water into HHO. Distilled water alone does not conduct electricity so nothing would happen without this material. Can be obtained cheaply at your grocery store.

11. You will have everything you need to successfully install, operate and fine-tune your Water4Gas system for maximum fuel economy - "Just Add Water!"

Minimal System - The Secret Formula They Don't Want You to Know

IS THE ABOVE TOO MUCH TO BEGIN WITH? Do you want something EVEN SIMPLER to start with? No problem! Here is the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM you need to start SAVING FUEL in your car:

1. The Electrolyzer produces Brown's Gas: Hydrogen & Oxygen for your engine,

2. The MAP Sensor Enhancer tunes your computer to maximum fuel economy.

3. Several formulas given, mainly based on Xylene (Xylol) (some also with Acetone). Xylene can be obtained cheaply from hardware stores (paint department) and helps to atomize the fuel so it can be broken easily into smaller particles. This enhances combustion and saves much more money than it costs.

core system to save gas

You will find that these devices are very powerful, but also that each device is simple enough to build in a couple of hours from low-cost hardware. Once you have these "appetizers" in action, and you feel the power of this technology to save fuel in your car, I'm sure you will get the appetite to check out the rest of the technology revealed to you. It will actually be a good idea if you start with this minimum and then grow your Hydrogen-On-Demand system in several easy phases.
If you knew how it worked, you could just try it out on that old junker you were thinking about donating to the junkyard. I'm not trying it soon tho, seems too fishy to me.

MetroMPG 12-29-2007 01:35 PM

Glad it seems fishy to you. Fishy is too kind a word.

FYI, this topic has been discussed here:

Let's try to keep the comments within that thread instead of continuing in this thread.

oldschool 01-06-2008 09:37 AM


Originally Posted by metroschultz (Post 3363)
I've seen that one before, only i forgot the name of the site. Some guy out west did a complete R&D of the water /carburetor kit. he eventually ruined his engine and was incredibly angry with the results. He maybe should have looked here first.S.

Its called hydrogen embrittlement, causes cracks in the metal of the block eventually. Thing is there are several kinds of hydrogen, just like water has different PH levels, and there is a form of hydrogen that doesn't cause embrittlement.If this weren't the case and the Big 3 didn't know about it , there would be no hydrogen fuel cell research for just that reason.

carwaterguide 09-24-2008 10:14 AM

You can truly get better mileage

Originally Posted by metroschultz (Post 3363)
I've seen that one before, only i forgot the name of the site. Some guy out west did a complete R&D of the water /carburetor kit. he eventually ruined his engine and was incredibly angry with the results. He maybe should have looked here first.S.

may be visite my site?

Has anyone tried the kit? like water4gas,runyourcaronwater etc.
Is it really a scam? if you don't satisfy you can asked for more pain
You can truly get better mileage

saunders1313 09-24-2008 10:52 AM

I know I'm not a chemist or anything... Wait a minute I am. You can't change H2O into HHO, because it's the exact same thing, just a different way to write it. It is a complete scam. You can't take water and remove a hydrogen and then put it into gasoline. The amount of energy needed to remove the hydrogen atom is beyond anything you would gain. Hydrogen added to gas is something that is being researched, but to think that you could easily remove a hydrogen from water and add it to gas is ridiculous. The hydrogen that is being researched is hydrogen gas that is bubbles through gas to enrich it, and it takes a little more than a little kit to do something like that.

DO NOT try this. It is adding water to your gas. It isn't like or close to, it IS adding water to gas.

Katana 09-24-2008 01:32 PM

It doesn't work, the plans they give you won't crack enough water to run an ants motorbike let alone a car. All you end up with is, is a crappy water electrolysis machine.

I do remember them building and testing this thing on Mythbusters and proved it was bogus, though weirdly they briefly showed you could run the engine on hydrogen gas, even though it tended to explode as the engine isn't set up to handle it. So if you could make a powerful enough hydrogen generator you could run your car on it with modifications, though such a machine wouldn't be efficient to be viable.

I'll link the PDF i have which is the same as the water4gas, or the other ones out there.
How to convert your car to run on water (pdf)

jamesqf 09-24-2008 01:45 PM

On the other hand, if you really CAN turn water into gasoline, why bother with selling kits on the internet? Start your own religion instead :-)

saunders1313 09-24-2008 03:51 PM

I hope now everyone is just being sarcastic. There's no way that it will work. Hydrogen gas will explode and it will briefly run an engine, but that's not what you're getting. All you'll get is water. It doesn't do anything to the water, it doesn't produce any amount of hydrogen gas, it's a scam and I hope the last two posts were just making fun of it some more. The last thing we need is a few people on this forum to think it might have a chance at working and trying it.

I just read some of that pdf and I sure hope you are joking. Being tested in Mexico! Who tests anything in Mexico?!

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