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bro_montana 10-12-2014 03:07 PM

Weak engine compression and FE
I have a 1999 civic lx manual with all stock internals and now 124k miles. When I bought the car a few months ago it had low compression.

Original cylinders readings (note supposed to be 180psi from factory)

1 150
2 135
3 135
4 150

Following this I added this product to the oil upon suggestion from a friend

My subsequent readings have been 150-155 across all cylinders. I've used this product for 3k miles now with consistent results in compression. My question is how much relative FE am I missing out on now and is this is a long-term solution?

PS i'm getting my Scangauge in the mail today but so far my best tank has been 40.5 mpg just being really light on the gas at 60mph.

Ecky 10-28-2014 03:15 PM

Worthy of a bump

I think a healthy Honda engine shouldn't be lower than maybe 175-185, and a friend of mine has an S2000 that's above 230 on all cylinders (low miles). I don't know about the FE losses, but 40mpg still sounds pretty reasonable without ecomods or driving techniques.

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