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02ws6 07-15-2012 06:25 PM

Weekend saga of tracing a misfire...
I started my saturday morning wanting to diagnose a misfire Ive had for a little over a week now.. It misses hard when I first crank it up in the morning and after revving it at 2500rpms for about 20seconds it clears up..

Pulled the plugs to find the tip of this bad boy chipped off.. I guess I may have done it installing it but it ran fine before..

As I was pulling out the plugs I noticed oil in the tubes..

Wanting to fix everything and keep the daily top notch, I ordered parts locally and wanted to go ahead and get the secondary o-rings done so as to not have any other issues.

I pulled the valve cover off and found some "milkshake" on it.. Looked at the dipstick, all black.. WTF?? The car has been using water so I figure I may as well go ahead before it gets worse..

Had the gf go back to the local parts house and pickup a Victor Reinz headgasket for $19 and with all the other fluids it all came out to about $95 for the whole job.. Gotta love hondas.. lol..

Luckily, I have a spare D16A6 stored away with a cylinder head on it that only has 2500miles on it from being out of the machine shop..

Head back on and running WAY smoother than before.. Can't wait to see if the MPG's pick up.. Really wish I had taken pics of the rust on the headgasket that was removed. It really was only a matter of time.

It sucks that a $25 1 hour issue turned into a little over 6 hours and almost $100 but Im very pleased with the results..

And the Vacuum gauge is on the way in the mail! Gonna see if I can do better than 41mpg in the auto D16A6 CRX...

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