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taco 09-06-2008 03:11 PM

well i did it.
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today i fill up after 3 days of work like usual, and to my surprise(not really) i only put in 13.1gallons of gas (what my sg2 told me i would put in also). but i drove 401 miles not bad for a 10 year old truck, that will turn quarter of a milllion miles this tank, and never even had my valve cover off.

i folded my mirrors back, and tried to tape some thick plastic to the inside of my gril for a mok up til i can get some coroplast, also did a brake job first time i ever replaced the rotors also.:thumbup:

but my old 4x4 hit 30.61 this tank. think i could of goto 31 somthing but i took the quick way home and lost about 2 mpg from my trip home the day before.

bbjsw10 09-06-2008 03:21 PM

30.6 in a 4x4 that is great!!

taco 09-06-2008 03:56 PM

yeah it made me happy my goal is to make it 4 days to work (twice as many as when i started) on 16.5 gallons (i have an 18 gallon tank) so 520 miles, so 31.5-32 mpg is needed, so if i can reach that i would be content. need more areo work

BlackDeuceCoupe 09-06-2008 04:03 PM


Originally Posted by taco (Post 59357)
yeah it made me happy my goal is to make it 4 days to work... 520 miles...

OMG! Thank you!!! :thumbup:

You're the first person I've met (on this site) that drives further to work than me!

I drive over 100 miles per day (round trip)!

Sometimes I *think* it would be cheaper if I didn't work - or worked closer to my cave, at a job that payed less.

How about you?!?!?

Hell, I'm gonna make a separate thread out of this... :cool:

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