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MetroMPG 04-09-2015 03:22 PM

What happens when your Corolla odometer gets to 999,999...
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Apparently... NOTHING! :D

A Toronto area Toyota dealer took this 2001 Corolla on trade a couple of years ago with almost a million km on the clock, and kept it on the road as a rolling billboard.

So a reporter went out to record the odometer rolling over from 999,999 and it just... froze. No 000,000 for you!

Full story: How a Toronto-area Corolla is driven beyond 999,999 kilometres - The Globe and Mail

How do you pack so many miles on a Corolla? In this case, it was used as a driving school car, and was religiously maintained.

user removed 04-09-2015 03:26 PM

It wants to brag :thumbup:.


jamesqf 04-09-2015 03:55 PM

If it's electronic, could you just switch to the miles display?

MetroMPG 04-09-2015 04:00 PM

KM to miles... good question.


Originally Posted by Old Tele man (Post 474793)
Yep, Pontiac Vibes have same problem, odometer "locks" at 300,000 miles...

300k seems an odd place to stop. What would be funny is if the Matrix odometer went further. :D

darcane 04-09-2015 05:45 PM


Originally Posted by MetroMPG (Post 474784)
How a Toronto-area Corolla is driven beyond 999,999 kilometres

Was impressed until I saw the kilometers (and misspelled, no less! :p).

I wonder what Matt Farrah's Lexus will do when he gets to a million miles...

UltArc 04-10-2015 06:35 PM


Originally Posted by Old Tele man (Post 474939)
Unfortunately, they don't; they are the same item/manufacturer.

War_Wagon 04-12-2015 09:04 PM

I don't think there's an English/metric switch on the odo of that Corolla if it's digital, so that one is probably stuck in KMs.

I have seen Vibes with over 300k KMs so its not something in the display that stops it from reading over 300,000. I could make a crack about Pontiac never expecting any of their newer cars to make it that far so they didn't bother programming the ODO to read any higher haha, but in this case since it's a Toyota that doesn't fly. I wonder if the dash displays are the same between Vibes and Matrixes? As in maybe Pontiac wanted their own gauge cluster that came from their supplier instead of whatever the Matrix had.

And good thing that 999,999 km driving school car wasn't over here near Vancouver, it'd end up on a lot on East Hastings or King George Highway with 165k "original" KMs and you'd get the "It's a one owner trade in!" story with it haha. The fine for rolling back odometers here is hilariously low, you don't even lose your dealers license for it. In the USA it's a federal offence!

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