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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
Yes, you did lie, for example saying that large numbers of hybrid batteries are going to fail, that Toyota won't honor their warranties and people are going to have to take out large loans for replacements. The Prius & Honda Insight have been around for nine years now (average car lifespan is about 10 years, IIRC), lots of them on the road, very few battery problems, most of those covered by warranties which have been honored and even extended beyond the original date. For the few who aren't covered by warranty (salvage titles and such), replacement batteries are available from salvage yards for a few hundred dollars. These are matters of checkable facts, not opinion.

You lied again, in stating that "...facts are facts and we all know the big oil run our world...". Sorry, but I don't know any such thing. You may believe it - that's your right - but claiming that I share that opinion is just a lie.

Nope. I'm pissed because you called me a moron. I shelled out some of my money (I'll not claim that it was "hard-earned", though) for a hybrid. Had it for going on six years now, about 85K miles of hard driving, mostly in mountains & desert. I've averaged over 70 mpg, can go 700 miles or so between fillups which never cost over $40 even when gas was at its highest, spend less on insurance & registration than with my previous car (which was pretty cheap), haven't spent more than a few hundred on maintenace & repairs, and it's fun to drive. This makes me a moron?
Don't you F'n read anything I post!?...I never called you a moron...but because you don't understand the F'n context of this thread...and you clearly don't understand the meaning of "opinion" you come back here twisting my F'n words around to think I am attacking you personally and for that reason alone, my "opinion" is that your a moron, this time YOU DO deserve the title since you accused me of calling you one in the first place...because you don't comprehend what I write, you put words in my mouth and you continue to assume that I am attacking you...I even posted the meaning of opinion and you still don't get it...I had explained it in great detail and you still don't understand...you did ex actually what I said you would do, twisting more words and lie lie lie lie lie after another lie because you can't and will not COMPEHEND A F'n thing I write down...like I said, you have SELECTIVE READING SYNDROME...hell, you can't even spell maintenance right!

Look the word "opinion" up in the dictionary, oh wait...I forgot you can't comprehend anything...your a **** hole excuse for a man, one that should have not graduated the 6th grade...because reading and comprehension is a requirement to graduate elementary school...and for you to sit here and call me a lair after all the simple instructions...I don't know how much more clear I need to be...it's almost as if you are having another conversation with yourself inside your very own head...it seems that the more I try to reason and explain my meaning, you just continue on the same beaten path of rage!...but just because you are a special case jamesqf...I will forgive your ignorance so we can both move on.

Oh, on the so called facts about big oil...let me be as clear as a F'n piece of glass...without big oil in this world jamesqf, we would not exist without electricity, or be able to drive our luxury cars and not have gas supplied to our houses...even the President himself could not get the oil prices down when oil was $150 bucks a barrel...those are true facts my little retarded friend...if big oil stopped pump 'n, the whole world would go into a panic!
We'd be live 'n the Amish life!

I also never claimed such the you shared the same opinion...again you are just pulling **** out of thin air...I will ask you one more time my little retarded friend...cut and paste proof of said claim.

What happened to you jamesqf? did you fall off the short bus too many times?...I have never in my life had to explain and try to defend myself for things that you say I had said...I have tried to be nice about it but each time you reply you sound dumber and dumber...there is no cure for your symptoms...you are clearly delusional and can not function well with others...so if it makes you feel any better, I am sorry you are a moron!

Moron may refer to:

* Moron (psychology), disused term for a person with a mental age between 8 and 12, slang for a stupid person.

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Holy cow. Is it almost spring yet? Some people need to get outside a little more and regain some perspective.

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