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freebeard 09-26-2016 07:31 PM

What it would take to get me out of a Beetle

Hey running boards!

slowmover 09-26-2016 07:57 PM

My friend, after all these years I confess I'd never imagined you quite so short or rotund as to need the classic vestigial running boards on a VW.

freebeard 09-27-2016 02:13 AM

I never touch them, except to wash them; but it's a vestigal feature and I'm Okay with that. And it ties nicely to the external front bumper.

OTOH I've lost an inch and gained 50lb since I started driving Beetles.

What do all y'all think of the four round glowing pucks in the corners of the roof? Roof rack mount? Em-drive anti-gravity flight?

Frank Lee 09-27-2016 02:24 AM

"What it would take to get me out of a Beetle"- Anything with a heater.

I KID!!!

Re: pucks: That's where the Mother Ship gloms on and carries it away.

jamesqf 09-27-2016 01:38 PM

And here I thought you were going to have us choose between a can opener and a chainsaw with carbide teeth :-)

freebeard 09-27-2016 01:43 PM

On December 31st two years ago, on black ice with an open diff, I came within 25ft of the end of a barricade. If I'd entered the freeway backward and motionless, it would have been Jaws of Life.

botsapper 09-27-2016 02:22 PM

Wazz Up
Volkswagen smallest platform, Up was #1 in Germany & Netherlands in its segment. Successes in Brazil, Japan and South Africa.
Probably just the made-over E-Up!

freebeard 09-27-2016 04:14 PM

My friends wondered why I didn't get all twitterpated by the New Beetle.

It was because the the concept car was based on the Polo, but the production version was based on the Golf.

Ecky 09-27-2016 04:30 PM

Don't hold your breath, this is what the Insight's early development looked like.

We all know how that turned out.

freebeard 09-27-2016 09:19 PM

That's one of my favorite concepts! Original Insight or the reboot? :)

Notice how the rocker panel and the diverter in front flow together. Similar to the VW concept.

Renderings have often distorted proportions. I'd expect the production version to be un-chopped by about four to six inches. The nose? They flat stole that from Tesla.

Ecky 09-27-2016 09:28 PM

That was for the original Insight, these renderings were from the late 90's. It was originally slated to be a sports car with a straight six and super capacitors, rather than a 3 cylinder with NiMH cells.

jamesqf 09-28-2016 01:19 PM


Originally Posted by Ecky (Post 523642)
...this is what the Insight's early development looked like.

If only it didn't have those stupid gull-wing doors.

freebeard 09-28-2016 03:14 PM

Yeah! Real [race] cars don't have doors.

Ecky -- So that explains those massive rear air scoops.

botsapper 09-28-2016 03:18 PM

Volkswagen’s fully-electric 2020
... called I.D. - Intelligent Drive. A rendering...

VW I.D. electric concept revealed, production version coming 2020

freebeard 09-28-2016 04:20 PM

From sketch to render — As I expected, the DLO, wheels size and ground clearance are all more reasonable.

Volkswagen has said it plans to launch 30 new electric models across multiple brands between now and 2025.
I'm starting to think Dieselgate was a good and necessary thing.

freebeard 09-29-2016 06:19 PM

The Volkswagen I.D. Is The Electric Future Of Compact Cars With A 373 Mile Range

I'd understand better if I could touch those wheels or see them under a moving light source. I get that the outer facets are flat and the center is recessed, and there are lefts and rights.

I think those are half-closed louvers.

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