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sl2eggplant 07-28-2010 09:52 PM

Who here drives a non-hybrid automatic and normally gets 50+ mpg
In the "Garage", I notice a disproportionate number of cars with manual transmissions. I have an automatic and wanted to get an idea of how many folks here routinely can get 50+ mpg in their non-hybrid with an automatic.

I'm curious to see which cars (year, make, and model) have passed the 50+ mpg milestone. I'm lazy and its difficult to search since the mpg number may get skewed from some sub-optimal driving conditions. I'm more interested in what you can get on a good drive since we all may not get the chance to drive good routes.

Thanks in advance.

RobertSmalls 07-28-2010 11:40 PM

Nobody here does, according to the fuel logs:
EcoModder Fleet list -

But we have a handful of people above 40lmpg with automatics:
EcoModder Fleet list -

I think that's partly because you can hypermile a manual better to get a larger % over EPA. It's also because the kind of people who feel the need to get >50mpg are attracted to stick shifts and hybrids.

50mpg is a tall order for a four-speed torque-converter automatic, especially if you can't EOC or P&G. You could do it with a boat-tailed SL2, or with a car like the upcoming Fiesta: direct injection, tiny displacement, automated manual transmission. Or a 10 year old hybrid.

nayeliesuncle 07-29-2010 02:49 AM

I did manage to get 51MPG with my car.

Too bad the auto transmission broke.

comptiger5000 07-29-2010 09:15 AM

The lack of EOC is what's killer. I wish I had a synchro-ed transfer case, as then I could EOC by sliding the t-case into neutral and killing the engine. Right now, the only easy way to re-engage it is either stopped, or rolling approx 20mph with the engine idling in D (shifted to 3rd gear). Thus, I don't EOC, except for occasionally across a long parking lot.

Daox 07-29-2010 09:22 AM

I don't think its the lack of EOC as much as the inability to run the engine in the most efficient manner (high load, low rpm). I can still get great mileage using P&G and coasting with the engine on.

dcb 07-29-2010 09:38 AM

The benefits of EOC are more pronounced at slower speeds (as are the benefits of P&G) generally.

if you burn .4gph at idle, and are coasting at 5mph, you are getting 12.5 mpg.
if you burn .4gph at idle, and are coasting at 20mph, you are getting 50 mpg.

MadisonMPG 07-29-2010 09:53 AM

There's a reason the number is disproportionate . :p

What happens when raise the throttle to around 85% in an auto? Thought so.

sl2eggplant 07-29-2010 10:10 AM

I should not count my eggs before the hatch, but Eggy (99 Saturn SL2 automatic) is doing very well.

I'll have to post the results in the "Success Stories" tonight once I confirm the numbers on my drive home. I have a 200 mile round trip daily commute which helps me to "unscientifically" test each aero mod that I now implement. Currently, I reinstated the HAI and results appear promising based on the scangauge estimates.

comptiger5000 07-29-2010 11:34 AM

When I eventually do some computer tuning on the Jeep, I plan to make it use TC lockup much more aggressively, as well as tweaking the downshift points. I should be able to get it to break 14 mpg around town no problem then.

Of course, being able to go to 85% throttle at low rpm isn't possible in this thing anyway, as it's got too much low end torque, so it picks up FAST. Unless you're turning less than 1100 - 1200, it's got plenty of pull even at 40% throttle (I can pass people uphill on the highway EASILY in OD with the TC locked, even if I'm going slow and only turning 1400 when I start picking up).

Trying to pick up at more than 50% around town wouldn't be sustainable, unless there were no cars in front of you. Plus, between the noise and the acceleration, it would attract plenty of attention from cops.

Nevyn 07-29-2010 12:16 PM

I haven't gotten my LMPG to 40 yet, but I'm close. No EOC for me, and I thought I didn't have DFCO either for the longest time! This will only be my second normal tank since finding out I *do* have DFCO.

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