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Roshi 03-19-2013 11:04 PM

Whoa...I'm in for a ride, aren't I? New+Looking for advice
Hello Ecomodders!

Greetings from Colorado!

I am currently a college student who must commute around 40-50 miles a day, 5/6 times a week. Ouch...

I currently drive a 1997 Honda Accord. I usually spend around 50.00 a week on fuel and it has been taking its toll on my bank account.

I am really interested in eco modding. Who doesn't want to save money during these times? I know little to nothing about tuning, but I do know a little about maintenance.

I used to have Subaru Justy; damn was that little thing amazing. It got a friend and I to California from Denver for under 100.00! Albeit, this was nearly 5 years ago. The car tranny didn't last so I had to sell it for some Greyhound bus fair (horrible experience) to get back home.

I'm thinking about spending some money for another Subaru Justy. However, I don't want to deal with the same problems again, and I also do not live in the city anymore. A Subaru Justy's 75 HP will not suffice. Colorado's mountains, weather and altitude are harsh.

Has anyone eco modded a car like this? I know the car already has great mpg, but the power isn't good enough. What will it take to make at least double the HP (150HP) and maintain the 40-50 MPG along with it?

Like I said, I have no experience tuning a car at all. I have little money...about 2,000 USD. Is it possible? I am willing to learn and get my hands dirty. I am just worried about doing it right the first time.

Thanks for reading :)

War_Wagon 03-19-2013 11:45 PM

If your previous transmission failed, I am guessing your Justy had the CVT transmission in it. They were prone to all sorts of problems. Find a '91 or later model (with fuel injection), in a 5 speed. You will probably find that with a manual transmission it will be a lot more suitable to your current driving needs than a CVT equipped model. :snail:

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