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saand 01-03-2011 07:59 AM

wiki, windshield wiper cover
Hi All,
There is a new mod i have put in the wiki pages, its a windshield wiper cover modification for those people that want to reduce the drag from their windshield wipers without buying the narrow profile ones or removing the wipers.

The page has been there for a while but i have finally completed the page since i have done the mod myself and taken pictures and written a how to on it.

For anyone interested it is here
Windshield wiper cover - EcoModder
also please feel free to modify or improve the page.

The page is still in the new suggested mod area because i have not done any a-b-a tests on it (and i dont plan to due to the small improvement and my bad experiences doing these sort of tests)
At some point i may simulate the aerodynamics to prove if it works or maybe after a while ill just take a vote to see if it should go into the proven section, hopefully anyone that thinks its stupid will let me know now.


Vekke 01-13-2011 03:55 AM

I think there should be better description how to shape that "cover". In my own surveys from std low drag cars that last pointing edge should be measured so that if you put some straight thing tangential to the last edge, that part thould touch the wipers upper edge.

In my opinion your version looks like it deflects air too much up which will cause the air to become "turbulent" and flow backwards. In my seat I did tuft testing and first my "cover" was too high and that happened. When I carved it so that air will gently touch the wipers air direction changed.

10062009571.jpg - Windows Live

Pictures are there. and the last one is how it should be ;).
17062009587.jpg - Windows Live

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