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sri 07-29-2014 06:49 PM

WTB: 1990 CRX HF (D15B6) engine

I had a head gasket issue on my 90 CRX HF, which after an attempted fix came back after a few years.

I'd rather get another engine if anyone has one to sell.


vrmouseyd15b 07-30-2014 12:16 AM

1993 Civic CX D15B8 engine and transmission. 103K on it and I have a stack of receipts for the service that has been performed on it over its lifetime. Drove the car from Tennessee to Ohio without an issue. There is a small coolant leak coming from the timing side of the engine. Everything pictured will be included except for the AC compressor.


QUOTE=Baltothewolf;437611]Darn alright, maybe someone will chime in and just want to buy the engine. If not I might just buy both, find a shell and put the engine in it lol.[/QUOTE]

you two should talk to the OP on the next thread - stupidhurts.
GOOD LUCK!!:thumbup:

EDIT: dyslexia just kicked in, i see the d15b8 and d15b6 now... sorry!

mbolton1990 07-31-2014 09:38 PM

The D15B8 is the closest motor equivalent to the B6,and the parts are actually obtainable in case it needs to be re-built in the future..I couldn't even source a set of rings for my B6 when it went..the eBay sellers are all selling the wrong stuff unknowingly..and OEM is all NLA..In my opinion the B8 would be a big step-up from a B6 mainly because of that fact.

Also a B6 just hit my local yard,I could get the motor for around $300 + shipping,there's always that option lmk I'm in Northern Fl..

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