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Natalya 10-22-2017 07:35 PM

WTB: Bad IMA Battery 2000-2006 Insight
Preferably Honda OEM or Honda Refurbished warranty replacement pack.
I can just take the sticks actually, don't really need the case or junction board, but I'll take the whole thing if you don't want to dismantle it.

Looking for P1449, like maybe you grid charged it for a year or two but now it's just dead and doesn't want to come back.

Not looking for catastrophic failure Chinese packs leaking through the heatshrink firehazard whatever.

Will drive around southeast to pick up or will pay for shipping.
Not sure what a fair price for the battery itself is.

3-Wheeler 10-23-2017 01:47 PM

I've got 19 sticks that I bought from Bumble Bee at IC about two years ago, with the intent of going through them, picking out the best sticks and replacing some of the weaker ones in my stock pack.

Never got around to swapping sticks, so there they are, ready for a new home. I paid $100 for them, but will sell them for $75 if you are interested.

My location is southern Wisconsin, so some shipping will probably be required. I can weigh the sticks and figure shipping costs if you wish.


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