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Ryland 06-19-2008 01:07 AM

wtb: spare tire donuts, MN or WI 125/80 R13"
I'm looking for tires for my electric car, 125/80 R13" would be perfect but they seem to only come as donut size spare tires on Honda's and I need 4 of them, I'm will to pay up to $20 each, but would prefer that for that price I get more then one, but if you even have just one le me know.
western wisconsin eastern mn would be ideal.

rmay635703 06-28-2008 02:16 PM

I'm in the same boat and the only way I've ever gotten donuts is to badger the local pull and pay type junkyards where you remove your own parts.

Basically you sign a waiver and these places usually have the keys on the junked cars, you open the trunk on the old Ford Tempos and take the donut, usually though you need to remove the tire off the donut and put it on your rim as the lugs are just slightly wrong and the donut may not fit or may cause problems from slop.

I have never found a honda yet that has 125's only 115's and 105s which both by the way fit fine on a comuta or citi they just usually make more tire noise and your top speed compared to a 125 will be lower though your range should be slightly higher.

It took over 100 cars to find 3 125's and I ended up taking 1 105 because the rim would fit, although it looks odder than anything.

If your junkyard says you can't do that just talk about what you have and ask permission to browse their new pulls or ford tempos, be polite and persistant, I also throw in I used to buy these for $5 each at the junkyard but now no one deals with them. (actually true in my case)

I bought 3 of my spares for $5 and one cost $25 plus about $20 of fuel (that guy said he had dozens but when I got there, only one) He felt so bad he gave me a pair of free 155's which "may" fit the rear of the car, although range will be lower but topend would go up.

If I were to do it over again I would probably go with 105's just because they are found on so many vehicles, including old Geo's, old Ford Festivas, certain hondas, very old Toyota's and some others.

If you get into it make a perfect tracing and hole pattern sheet to put over prospective tires to save yourself the MAJOR hassle of trying to find someone who is willing and able to remount donuts (most don't have the old machines for small tires and even when they do don't want to do it anyway)

If you do find a Honda that has 125's or can figure out which Topaz and Taurus vehicles have them, WRITE IT DOWN year, etc so others know what to be looking for on the c-car site.

Something else to consider, if you can verify the lug distances I have found many 15" 125's and 14" 125's that look like they would fit a comuta, because space savers are so narrow these larger rim tires should not rub like larger 13" tires and your top speed should increase. Many newer taurus, topaz, hondas and toyotas have 4 lug 14 or 15's

Good Luck

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