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Motorcycle Aero Fairings

While motorcycles, scooters and bicycles have small projected areas relative to cars & trucks, their coefficients of drag are generally much higher.

For a motorcycle, a Cd of .50 is considered low, and .90 medium, and 1.00 high.

So the addition of aerodynamic fairings that can part the air flow more gently at the front and shepherd it back together at the rear will be apparent at the fuel pump.

Instructions for mod

Information required: How do people perform this modification, pictures, problems, what to look out for
Information required: A listing for different ways to do this if its different on different types of cars

User experiences

Please enter your user name and any relevant data in the table

User data
User Name Car Make, Model, Year Cost of Mod Time to Perform Mod MPG Before Mod MPG After Mod MPG improvement guess Instruction Link
Example Data Saand Example Data Mazda, 626, 1991 Example Data $5 USD Example Data 1 Hour Example Data 27.2 Example Data 29.8 User mod detail or measurement detailed data

Problems / Consequences of mod

Information required: What are the consequences of the mod, Eg: drivability issue, stalling, engine wear,


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