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Saves your ignition swith from many cycles. It can also make Pulse and Glide and Engine-Off Coasting(EOC) driving techniques easier to perform.

On some vehicles using the ISO OBD-II protocol (e.g. 1996 and up Geo Metro), switching the ignition off and back on again via the key will cause a ScanGauge to stop recording speed/distance until the unit reboots, which can take some time. A kill switch enables the engine to be stopped without interrupting power to the ScanGauge for uninterrupted data and more accurate readings.

Instructions for mod

For fuel injected cars: Things to test first whick modification is for you:

1. Start the car.
2. If you can find a camshaft sensor in your car, unplug that. If engine dies, skip next step.
3. If you can find a hall-sensor in your car (Near distributor), unplug that. If engine dies, good.
4. Cut the signal wire from that connector, and pull it to cabin with two-wire cable, and insert NC switch(Normal Closed).

If you can't find neither of these, follow this:

Look up your car's wiring schematics and find the fuel injector signal wire. Cut this wire and insert a NC (normal closed) relay. Wire up a switch within easy reach that will open the relay. This cuts power to the fuel injectors and the engine dies.

Things to watch out for: 1. Cut the wire in a place that you can reattach if needed. 2. Use barrel type connectors on the wire you snip so that you can reattach quickly if needed. 3. Watch out for error codes, you should not get any if you snip the right wire.

Other types of cars:

You can interrupt other signals.

Using the switch

Ok, so you are ready to use this switch.
1. Press and hold the clutch down.
2. Press and hold the switch, until you know that the engine has stopped. Now you can release it.
3. When you have rolled enough, release the clutch, and immediately press it back. Or else the car will slow down too much.
4. Drive normally or accelerate. Repeat.

Problems / Consequences of mod

-Poor installation could cause engine to cut off when not intended
-Battery will run out from heavy use. Drive without power-consuming headlights, or install LEDs. Or alternatively, dont use the switch that much.


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