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Radio antennas aren't the biggest things in the world, but they do stick out in the way, and you definitely won't find traditional "whip" style antennas on high-efficiency concept & production cars.

You can either remove it or relocate it to a more aerodynamically friendly location.

Instructions for mod

Check your workshop manual for removal of the antenna

Many antennas are easy to remove. However antennas that are in one of the pillars of the car cabin can be very difficult to remove. A typical process for removing a antenna from a drivers side cabin pillar is as follows.
- Remove the drivers side lower console cover (the panel or panels covering up things below the steering wheel)
- Locate the antenna motor, this can be done by actuating the motor several times and locating it by sound
- Disconnect the antenna plug from the radio, there should be an inline plug so the antenna will be free to be removed
- The antenna motor can be behind the fuse boxes and wiring, if so these will need to be unbolted and moved to one side or removed completely (label all connectors so they can be put back again)
- When the antenna has been located it will need to be fully extended
- A screw can often be found at the base of the antenna pole on the motor housing which holds the antenna pole onto the motor housing. This screw should be unscrewed
- Using either a screwdriver or pliers pull the pole away from the motor housing. This may be difficult if the motor housing is in a confined area
- The motor housing should now be free to remove from the car
- Unscrew the bracket which the antenna comes through on the outside of the car.
- Pull the antenna out from the car pillar

Cover up the hole with a metal plate, tape or any other water proof device.

A more aerodynamically friendly location for the antenna is inside the cabin. The antenna will not pick up a great signal but may people have moved their antennas to the cabin and either have no static or can put up with the lower radio quality.

After removing the antenna from the standard mounting location the antenna can be set up in its extended state then it can usually be mounted to the back of the passenger seat or another easy location in the cabin. The standard cables may extend long enough to reach the radio in which case the antenna can just plug in and work.

User experiences

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User data
User Name Car Make, Model, Year Cost of Mod Time to Perform Mod MPG Before Mod MPG After Mod MPG improvement guess Instruction Link
Saand Mazda, 626, 1991 $0 4 Hours 0.165% Theoretical improvement using following information
The antenna was in the car pillar which makes it very hard to remove which is why it took 4 hours

Problems / Consequences of mod

Poor radio reception depending on antenna alternative


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