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Lowering a vehicle is a common tactic employed by auto manufacturers to improve efficiency in production and concept vehicles.

While not a guaranteed improvement (much depends on the initial vehicle design - particularly the underbody), reduced ride height has multiple aerodynamic benefits, including:

- improved fineness ratio (length/height) - slightly reduced frontal area (tires and possibly suspension components) - reduced tire/wheel arch gaps

Lowering may also reduce body roll, and improve handling enough to permit comfortable/safe cornering at higher speeds, thus saving fuel.

A cheap method or a cheap test can be done using coil clamps rather than buying new coils.

Instructions for mod

Several methods can be used to perform this mod
- Change or cut car wheel springs according to workshop manual
- Alternatively use spring clamps to reduce spring height which reduces overall car height
- Strap car down to force spring compression then heat up (with blow torch) then allow to cool. Note: this is a fairly quick but risky method, overheating springs can cause damage to springs also risk of damage to accidental heating of parts close to springs like wheels

User experiences

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Problems / Consequences of mod

- Some countries require an engineering certificate for this level of car modification

- Ride comfort can be compromised

- If the springs are reduced too much the car can hit its bump stops or cause damage when going over large bumps such as speed humps.

- If a car is lowered too far the car may hit speed humps or the road driving in or out of driveways


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