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The idea here is that synthetic oil has less friction, thus lowering the work done by the engine and transmission (if you swap that out too). It can also help your car start faster in cold weather and warm up faster.

Instructions for mod

At your regular oil or transmission change, put the proper synthetic oil in.

See your owners manual.

User experiences

Please enter your user name and any relevant data in the table

User data
User Name Car Make, Model, Year Cost of Mod Time to Perform Mod MPG Before Mod MPG After Mod MPG improvement guess Instruction Link
Weather Spotter Toyota Matrix, 2006 $10 more then regular oil no extra time Under 1%. In the winter it helped my car start & warm up about 15% faster. Not noticeable MPG gain for me
kir_kenix 1997 Chevy s10 2.2 $10 no extra time 24 24.5 I switched engine and differentail fluid to synthetic at the same time, so no hard data on oil alone. +.5mpg between both
Echo-Francis Toyota Echo 2005 $32 20 Mins Not tested. Engine is working better when cold. Echo-Francis Dyno juice to Syntec

The national research council found that Low Viscosity Lubricants (synthetics act like lower viscosity) could get a .5% MPG gain for $6 to implement. This gain covers both engine and transmission oil.

Problems / Consequences of mod

Information required: What are the consequences of the mod, Eg: drivability issue, stalling, engine wear,


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national research council test data