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Cycle log for: California98Civic
  • Distance by bike: 3591 (65 %)
  • Distance by car: 1969 (35 %)
Count began 6/10/15. It shows all miles biked instead of driving. And it shows all solo-driven miles that I could have done on the bike. The eBike turns seated driving time into moderate exercise (without gym fees). Crossed 3000 miles 6/18/2017 (2000 miles on May 30, 2016).

At the $0.55 per mile reimbursement rate my employer credits me when I use my car for work trips, the bike will have paid for itself when I hit approximately 3045 miles. Meanwhile, at the $0.06/mile EcoModder's fuel log for my car says my car costs in fuel, I would need 28,000 miles to break even. The truth is somewhere in between. But all these bike trips replace cold-start short trips, which are highly polluting. And replacing car miles with bike miles is good for my health.

Last updated: 2017-09-06

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