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Originally Posted by Hondo View Post
I've been doing a little research, and in the 30s they used to use air powered locomotives in the mines to pull the stuff out. It was great at the time because it eliminated problems of safety and fumes the ICE had, and it pumped fresh air into the mine with it's exhaust. The french company claims 100km per fill up, thats a lot better than the 25 miles I get out of my electric Fiero, and I have to wait 6 hours to charge the batteries back up.
There was a guy on newradio 550 last november that was sarcastically interviewed that had put fittings on each cylinder of his V8 dodge magnum a sizable air tank and some other mods to make his own hybrid.

He said he could drive 20 miles at 25mph on only air and would stop at gas stations to fill, if he needed to go faster he just had to shut off the valves and he could run on gas, I have been trying to figure out WHO he was for some time, maybe someone else from the central WI area remembers, it seems he was from out of state.

We need to the folks like him to get into the diy movement so the more timid can replicate
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