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Originally Posted by theunchosen View Post
The EV1 turboshaft was in a prototype and was scrapped because at the time Microturbines were not high-end enough(low P-W). Now on the other hand its getting alot better.
Quick call to my buddy (who likes turbines) says they will not use Turbines for under 1000 shaft hosepower simply because that is the break even point going from Diesel to Turbo-Shaft. Simply put the larger the engine the better the ratio of surface are (heat loss) to power producing mass.

Originally Posted by theunchosen View Post
Like I said above my complaint about it is its not an engineers car.
I don't see how you can say that.

Originally Posted by theunchosen View Post
Why would I make a more complicated engine thats only advantage over a much simpler more powerful one is its first 2 seconds off the line?
No; there is no Throttle response for 2 seconds; the power is less for more like 10 seconds.
Obviously this depends on how the turbine is setup. My understanding is that the more efficient the design the worse the power delivery/ time graph is.

Originally Posted by theunchosen View Post
Yes they have spool-up down time. No its not very long. Its the same as a turbo.
Not even CLOSE. the Y2K spools MUCH MUCH more slowly than a 1500 WHP Supra with a T-88.

Originally Posted by theunchosen View Post
So your twin turbos in your GTR take the same amount of time to spool up as my engine.
You have obviously never been in a GTR; it is difficult to tell that it is turbo charged.
Less lag than either the Supra, or the TDI.
Don't forget it runs Twin VGT's Variable geometry turbocharger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Originally Posted by theunchosen View Post
When that happens you've got 480 horses, I've got 700 and somewhere in the neighborhood of 1000 ft-lb of torque.
True; If I wanted that kind of power I'd run Compound turbo's. See

That way I'd get Decent MPG (25 ish out of boost), FAST spool, and 700 + WHP. Closest thing I've seen to a free lunch yet; you are basically taking 3 power/ efficacy curves and merging them together in the best posable way.
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