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the reason I can say its not an engineers car. . .is the McClaren F1 is NA and kicks its butt. It also weighs 1300 lbs less with a much larger engine and seats 3 to the GTRs 4. Its also 16 years old.

The GTR costs the same as Mazi, Ferrari and Lamborghini for the service and fluids but only competes in the super car not the exotic super cars category. The Honda NSX is almost completely serviceable by anyone whose car savy. Its a little cramped to change belts and things but its definitely something a substantial number of users do.

Lotus is an engineers car. There is not really a good reason for this car to weigh 3800 lbs, have insanely high maintenance costs for its performance bracket, and have a flaw that makes it to the internet(weak transmission).

I mean seriously, if I am going to drop 80K I want alot more bang for my buck. The Ariel Atom 1s went for 44K US and did 0-60 2.9 and 0-90 in 4.2 and weighed only 1200 #. The thing had 350 HP/ton the GTR's only got 252. Keep in mind that 0-60 is achieved without sequential transmission. It's P-W is comparable to a sportbike rather than a car buts its low CG allows it to turn like a formula 1. That's an engineers car.

"The work is complete, not when nothing else can be added, but when nothing else can be taken away."

The idea is more crap, more stuff to fix, more stuff can go wrong.

IF I had 80K to drop on one I'd get a used atom off one of the original buyers, enough solar panels to go off grid and a 1st gen insight.
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